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What is cryptocurrency?

As a relative newbie in this space; only been at it for the past year or so; it’s the digital version of cash & assets in the simplest terms. It has similar properties, except it’s extremely portable, easily swappable, and privately transferable. It gives the owner a lot of power and control of their privacy and financial life without relying on centralized corporations, monopolies, and oligopolies.

Unlike USD, backed by the US Government, a trusted authority, most crypto is not backed by any government authority (except government-issued…

Day 1 at Akash.Network — DeCloud for DeFi

As many will tell you, building and running a company is hard. You really have to be mentally prepared to do it. The first time around, I was young, not married, didn’t have a lot of responsibilities in my personal life and it was still extremely difficult and stressful.

COVID hit in early 2020

I was laid off around the end of March.

Before that, I was stressed, not sleeping well, and not happy with where I was in my personal or professional life.

As a software engineer, I have spent the bulk of my career in product management. There are some companies that I…

Taxes should be aligned with our democratic values.

Our country’s democratic values are threatened by authoritarianism and libertarian tendencies. Having lived in non-democratic countries, I’m fortunate to be living in a democratic society and want to preserve its values.

By now, people have seen the impact of not having a government that works. Government is not some nether entity, it is US. We get to decide by voting how the government is constituted.

Taxes are a mechanism to pay for things in a democratic society. Those that do not believe in taxes, don’t believe in democratic values.

GDP Growth is higher with higher marginal rates

The Problem:

How to address #inequality that adheres to our democratic values?

Weave Cloud has introduced a new feature: Promotions, a step that’s integral to Continuous Delivery pipelines.

Promote workload(s) in a multi-stage pipeline

What is a “Pipeline”?

As we move towards progressive delivery, pipelines help developers and operators create and visualize the flow of workloads from source code to running in production clusters. Configuring pipelines can be done via a GitOps workflow model.

A workload is changed in the git repo and after a PR, the initial stage of a pipeline is triggered which starts moving through various stages of a pipeline. …

A once in a lifetime experience to see the total solar eclipse live!

Credit: Vivek Narayan

The “Grunting Raccoons”, our social group of 30+ people, set out on the journey to spend the week (Aug 16–24th) camping at the Big Summit Prairie, enjoy the music festival, and watch the eclipse at the Symbiosis event. The number of people attending was estimated to be 70,000.

Apply Time Value of Money Principle to Software Development and Delivery

In my previous post, I said:

DevOps is fundamentally a software development practice.

To adopt this software development practice, we have to change the software development culture. A mindset shift is needed:

“We are a software company with wings” — CIO of an Airline company

Any organization can adopt this mindset and create a modern software development culture if you want to maximize value. The way to maximize value is by reducing cycle time.

Simplify and streamline communications to have a bias for action.

Update: Recently, an article on Amazon’s decision making style and a key message is “disagree and commit”. It’s amazing how many times people debate a decision. If the decision is easily reversible, then people can disagree but commit so the teams can move forward.

A big part of a PM’s job is communicating. Balancing this with decision making and collaboration is not easy. Time management is a critical success factor, especially for PM’s. I’ve incorporated some of Julie Zhuo’s suggestions like saving 30 minutes every Monday to evaluate your calendar…

Make Continuous Delivery with Quality REAL

Microservice architecture has been adopted by software teams as a way to deliver business value faster. Container technology enables delivery of microservices into any environment. Docker has accelerated this by providing an easy to use toolset for development teams to build, ship, and run distributed applications. These applications can be composed of hundreds of microservices packaged in Docker containers. These containers are deployed and running on AWS or any other IaaS (GCP, Azure, OpenStack)

In a recent NGINX survey [Finding #7], the “biggest challenge holding back developers” is the trade-off between quality and speed. As Martin Fowler indicates, testing strategies…

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that” — Jerry Seinfeld

[Disclaimer: The views are my own and do not reflect the views of the company I work for]

Because there’s a lot of ink being spilled on this topic, I’ve begun to reflect on what I’ve learned in the last few months. What does it mean to be a product manager for DevOps? What should we deliver? Is there such a thing as a “DevOps product”? To the last question at least, I’ve decided that the answer is no. There’s no DevOps product just like there is no agile product.

Neil Gehani

Director of Product — Making the complex simple

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